Guarantee of quality

Our elevator guide rails fulfill the strictest requirements for material quality, machining accuracy, straightness and surface roughness. We regularly visit our suppliers, we evaluate their reliability, production process, quality control in the production process and measuring instruments used and the method of measurement. All of our suppliers own certified quality management system (ISO 9001) for manufacturing of elevator guide rails.

Our company carries out regular inspections of chemical composition and strength of the material in the Czech certified laboratory. Elevator guide rails are also tested at the presence of radiation. Of course there are controls on all dimensional parameters according to ISO 7465, also roughness and applied protective coatings and packaging. We also do a weighting check of various types of guide rails and we optimize them according to the results and transportation. 


Steel mill certificates

Clip T2 galvanized.PDF
Clip T1 galvanized.PDF
Clip T4 galvanized.PDF
Clip T3 black.pdf
T140-2B -7-2020.pdf
T-45-A 122022.pdf
T-50-A 122022.pdf
T-82-B 122022.pdf
T-89-B 122022.pdf
T-90-B 122022 PO44.pdf
T-90-B 122022 PO139.pdf
T-125-B 022023.pdf
T-70-1B 022023.pdf
T-75-B 022023.pdf
T-82-B 022023.pdf
T-125-B 092023.pdf
T-127-c14 092023.pdf
T-127-1B 092023.pdf
T-90-B 092023.pdf
T-89-B 092023.pdf
T-75-B 092023.pdf
T-82-B 092023.pdf
T-70-B 092023.pdf
T-45-A 092023.pdf


Technical specification.pdf
Guide rails for Europe clips specification.pdf
Rope attachments EN13411-7 zinc plated + springs.pdf

Declaration of Conformity

Declaration of conformity.pdf

Control measurements

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